5 Roguelites On Sale Right Now!

The Steam Summer Sale started last week, bringing together tons of big deals to empty your wallet on. Below are 5 different roguelites I think are worth checking out!

Super House of Dead Ninjas

An insanely fast paced action platformer where you’re constantly on a time limit slashing and dicing through a tower chock full of ninjas. Tons of weapons to choose from and plenty of variety, all for 70 cents (get the DLC too!)

Swirl W@tch

I haven’t played it yet, but I decided to finally pick up Sleeper Games’ newest edition to their Hyperspace universe. It’s a stealth-em-up that looks to have a ton going on with a really weird atmosphere.


One of my favorite early access releases for this year, Spiritfall imagines Hades style upgrade progression with Smash Brothers platforming gameplay.


If you’re looking for something more casual, Peglin’s Peggle style gameplay is perfect. It’s very satisfying throwing the orbs around and coming up with synergies.

One Step From Eden

This game combines deck building mechanics with real-time grid-based battles in the same vein as Megaman Battlenetwork. OSFE is brutally hard but incredibly polished.

What roguelites are you picking up this Steam Sale?

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