New features, balance tweaks, and more in Back 4 Blood’s latest free update

The developers of the hit zombie co-op FPS roguelite Back 4 Blood have announced their June 2022 update, and it could be one of their biggest updates yet.

Starting off the list is its new feature: the Full Deck Draw. Players are able to play all 15 cards from your deck at the beginning of a Campaign, and this applies to all difficulties. “We felt like the 15 card draw in No Hope went over well with the community, and wanted to roll out this option to all difficulties. In the future we are considering adding multiple deck styles like ordered draw and full random decks. Some difficulties have been rebalanced to work better with this feature“, the developers noted.

Another new feature is the Player Kicking system, where the game will allow kicking players out of a mission when a player is idle for a certain period of time or is just being a jerk and deals way too many friendly fire damage. “We discussed this feature at length to try and do what’s best for the community, so we want to try this conditional kick feature that will only trigger if someone is playing outside the bounds of the game. We also feel that the traditional Vote to Kick can be exploitable and toxic. This feature is not final and we will be monitoring it closely“, says the devs.

Lastly, the devs announced updates to almost every facet of the game, from Campaigns to the Cleaners, to the Cards, Balance updates, and even some QoL changes have been sprinkled in.

The update is already live, and if you want to check the full list of changes, click here.

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