Battle Bands full launch date, new content announced

Battle Bands, the Rock n’ Roll Deckbuilder Roguelite, is set to leave Early Access and launch Version 1.0 on November 13, 2023. To celebrate the launch, developer Aerie Digital has announced a number of new content and updates, including the Metal Moon Rising event, Shadow Reign, and Grand Royale updates.

The Metal Moon Rising event will start simultaneously with the launch of Battle Bands 1.0 and will include an all-new, totally free, metal-themed Backstage Pass. Players can also expect to find 30+ new cosmetics in Joe’s Variety Shop, and new Metal skins for all the NPCs in Riff City.

The Shadow Reign, a new Reign that mixes the other Reigns together for all sorts of possible Card, Moment, and Gear combinations, will also creep into Riff City on release. Players will be able to battle the Shadow version of their own band as the Final Boss.

Grand Royale will now have its own Super Vendors, as well as unique Opening Moments at the start of the Royale. There are also 9 new Iconic Bots scattered amongst competitors in both the Grand Royale and the normal Royale. Defeating an Iconic Bot will reward players with a unique cosmetic.

Battle Bands was launched in Early Access in March of last year and has made significant changes since then. The game has been highly regarded on our website, receiving an 8.5 review score, earning the number 9 spot on our Top 25 Best Roguelite Games of 2022, and most recently, being highlighted as one of our Roguelite Hidden Gems.

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