Battle Grid release date announced

Bullet Heaven roguelite Battle Grid developer and publisher Barking Dogs has announced plans to take the game out of Early Access and release the game fully on October 17th. In lieu of this, they have also laid out their roadmap to get to said release date.

Some of the bullet points in their roadmap include a controller update, UI improvements which include a more detailed end screen, new mech and shop models, synergies and special bonuses in unit and weapon info, a new tutorial, and more prompts in the main menu. All of these are targeted on the next update but on the final update before the full release, they intend to add a new boss, more boss moves, environmental explosives, and movement changes like manual aiming dashes.

Unfortunately, not all updates that were discussed would be able to make it into the full release. Some of these updates that were cut include corporate contracts, deck management, a compendium, statistics, and sadly, new maps.

Lastly, the devs have announced the final price for the game, which will be 5.99$ for NA and 5.99€ for EU. This price change will occur starting October 5th.

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