Be’lakor arrives in Vermintide 2’s Chaos Wastes

A year ago, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 introduced a free expansion called “Chaos Wastes” which is a roguelite-inspired game mode. The new game mode was a success, breathing new life into the game, and now, new content will be added to it.

Developer and Publisher Fatshark has announced that Be’lakor is coming to Chaos Wastes in a free update. Players will come across levels influenced by Be’lakor while playing expeditions.

Be’lakor is a master of terror and illusion … the first mortal to rise to the exalted rank of Daemon Prince. Disowned by the very gods he once worshipped, he has spent millennia searching for the power to challenge them directly. With the balance in the Realm of Chaos upset by our Ubersreik five, he might just finally have found his opportunity…“, says Fatshark.

Two new Be’lakor-related curses are coming to Chaos Wastes, namely Shadow Skulls where vicious skulls spawn out of thin air, and Shadows Totems where totems around the level will keep spawning enemies.

Also included in the new expansion is the Temple of Shadows where players are able to fight through Be’lakor’s Shadow Lieutenants which appear from Shadow Loci. Surviving this temple rewards players with veteran boons.

Lastly, new weapon boons and traits will also be introduced in the expansion, but contrary to the additions above, these boons and traits are not exclusive only to Be’lakor-influenced areas but are viable across all expeditions.

The new update to Warhammer: Vermintide 2‘s Chaos Wastes game mode will arrive on June 14, 2022.

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