Bundles across multiple sites include roguelite games

The roguelite genre is growing by the minute, coming up with hit after hit over the past few months. This has been the case for a while that almost every bundle that has been released over the past year or so includes at least one roguelite game, and today, we’ll highlight two currently ongoing bundles that offer at least one roguelite game.

KingSlayer Bundle (Fanatical)

Bundles across multiple sites include roguelite games - KingSlayer Bundle

The first bundle is from Fanatical, and it involves two roguelite games: Neon Abyss and Crown Trick. The former is one of the more popular roguelites out there, currently having an 89% “Very Positive” rating out of over 14,000 reviews, while the latter has its share of the limelight as well, also having a “Very Positive” rating with 86% our of over 3,500 reviews.

The bundle has two tiers: Tier 1 consists of 6 games priced at $5.99. Both Neon Abyss and Crown Trick are included on this tier along with Fantasy General II, Starpoint Gemini Warlords, Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, Project Nimbus: Complete Edition, and a BundleFest Bonus of $2. Tier 2 is priced at $9.99 and consists of all the games included in Tier 1, as well as Port Royale 4 – Extended Edition and the Port Royale 4 Buccaneers DLC.

To check out the KingSlayer Bundle, click here.

Diamond Collection – Build Your Own (Fanatical)

Bundles across multiple sites include roguelite games - Diamond Collection Build Your Own Bundle

Another bundle from Fanatical, and it’s one of their popular “collection” bundles where you have the option of which games you’d want to put in the bundle at a certain price. In this case, you’re able to select 3 games for $14.99, 5 games for $21.99, and 10 games for $39.99.

Among these games are three roguelite games: Black Future ’88, Obsidian Prince, and Godstrike. While not among the popular roguelites out there, all three games are rated quite well, with Godstrike and Black Future ’88 having at least a “Mostly Positive” rating and Obsidian Prince with a very solid 92% positive rating.

This collection is spearheaded by AAA game METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Definitive Experience, and includes Metro Redux Bundle, Shenmue III, SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE, Graveyard Keeper, Chronicon, Aground, LOST EMBER, Academia : School Simulator, Interstellar Space: Genesis, Wayward, Outerverse, Beholder 3, Totally Reliable Delivery Service, SUPERHOT, and John Wick Hex.

To check out the Diamond Collection – Build Your Own Bundle, click here.

Springtide Indies Bundle (Humble Bundle)

Bundles across multiple sites include roguelite games - Springtide Indies Bundle

And last but not the least, this bundle comes from Humble Bundle and it contains one roguelite game in the form of Dungeon Rushers. It is a turn-based dungeon crawler, currently possessing a 63% “Mixed” rating on Steam. While not the best roguelite out there, it does have the distinction of being one of two games, along with Impulsion, that is included in Tier 1 of the bundle which is priced at a very low $1.

Tier 2, priced at $5, includes both games in Tier 1 as well as Out Of Space, Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, and Tiny Lands. Tier 3, priced at $10, includes all of the games in Tiers 1 and 2 as well as Recompile, Arietta of Spirits, As Far As The Eye, and Paper Beast: Folded Edition.

To check out the Springtide Indies Bundle, click here.

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