Buriedbornes’ indefinite downtime announced

The Hardcore Dungeon RPG Buriedbornes has been having problems since the start of the year, and today, the developer and publisher Nussygame has brought even more unfortunate news.

The game was scheduled for temporary maintenance which lasted until version 3.9.8 is released after discovering unstable behavior in patch version 3.9.7 that causes save data to be corrupted and lost. After version 3.9.8 is released, however, a new issue where save data do not load in certain environments has been discovered. Due to this, the devs have scheduled another emergency maintenance period, but this time, the servers will be down indefinitely.

“We recommend that you do not play the game during this period, even in offline mode.
Once the saved data is secured, another update will be made and the maintenance will be completed”, said Nussygame.

Buriedbornes' indefinite downtime announced

“To prevent recurrence due to recurring problems, it is with great regret that I must inform you that, this maintenance may take several days – several weeks to achieve detailed reproduction testing and automatic case-by-case restoration.”

While the news is unfortunate, we certainly appreciate Nussygame’s transparency regarding the issues the game is currently having and hope that the game can be up and running again soon.

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