Someone made a CS:GO roguelite, and it’s glorious!

2023 has been a pretty exciting year so far: from unexpected hits to a massive influx of bullet heaven roguelites, and we’re not even halfway in the year. But, as crazy as it has been, a roguelite version of the biggest FPS game of all time is not on my bingo card!

A game developer and Youtuber named OrelStealth posted a video on how he made a mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, turning it into a roguelite in the process. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to understand him as he is speaking Russian. Thankfully, another Youtuber by the name of 3kliksphilip posted an English-translated version of the video, and we were able to gather more information about how the game came to fruition.

The video starts with OrelStealth acknowledging the impact of CS:GO in his life. He then presents a custom-made game mode that adds a roguelite element to the standard CS:GO gameplay initially in celebration of the game’s 10th year anniversary, but, with the announcement of Counter-Strike 2, this eventually became a farewell gift.

Throughout the video, OrelStealth also provides valuable insights into the game design process, explaining how he created the custom game mode and sharing his thoughts on the different gameplay elements, including limitations and how he worked around them, which is pretty impressive given the fact that the engine was very limited.

You can download the roguelite mod for CS:GO here, as well as watch either or both the original and translated videos below.

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