Cursed to Golf “Pins” update now available

The popular golf-based sports roguelite Cursed to Golf has received a major update with the introduction of Golf Pins. This new feature allows players to equip up to three Pins at a time, each with its own unique power. There are over 50 different Pins to choose from, so players can mix and match to create their own unique playstyle.

Some of the Pins available include:

  • Destroy All Shot Idols: Destroys all of the Shot Idols on the hole.
  • Tee-Off Rocketball: Gives your tee shot a boost of power.
  • Last Chance: Rewinds time and gives you another chance after failing a hole.
  • Tee-Off U-Turn: Allows you to change the direction of your tee shot.
  • New Ace Card Deck: Gives you a new hand of Ace Cards at the start of each hole.

The Golf Pins feature adds a new layer of strategy to Cursed to Golf. Players can use the Pins to complement their own playstyle, or to challenge themselves by using Pins that are outside of their comfort zone. For example, a player who is good at swinging the club could use Pins to give them more shots or to help them avoid obstacles. A player who is struggling to progress through the game could use Pins to make the holes easier.

The Golf Pins Update also makes it easier for players to reach the heights of Golf Heaven. Players can now reroll the Pins available to them at the start of each round, and they can also purchase new Pins from the ghostly Caddies at the Eterni-Tee.

Overall, the Golf Pins Update is a great addition to Cursed to Golf. It adds a new layer of customization and strategy to the game, and it makes it easier for players to progress through the game.

In addition to the Golf Pins feature, the update also includes a number of other bug fixes and improvements. The update is available now on Steam.

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