Dead Cells’ new “Break the Bank” DLC is out now, and it’s FREE!

Metroidvania game Dead Cells continues to be the golden standard in roguelite games, dishing out amazing content after amazing content, and now, the trend continues as they recently released the Break the Bank DLC, giving players even more reasons to play the game and attract new ones that have yet to try the game.

The only requirement needed to unlock the contents of the DLC is to reach The Hand of the King (or Queen). Once unlocked, a flashy chest will randomly appear in your run which gives you access to the bank once you’ve opened said chest, but beware, if you missed it or proceed to not open it, you’ll have to start a new run in order to see the chest again. Once you’ve opened it, the bank will take the place of the next biome after the level you’re supposed to be in.

In addition to the bank-specific mobs that appear in the biome (more on that later), the monsters that appear will depend on which level you opened the chest. For example, if you enter The Bank at the transition after Prisoner’s Quarters, you will face mobs from Toxic Sewers, Promenade of the Condemned, and Dilapidated Arboretum.

Dead Cells' new "Break the Bank" DLC is out now, and it's FREE!

Also included in the DLC are the following:

  • 3 new enemies :
    – Agitated Pickpocket, wants your gold and has the claws to get it.
    – Gold Gorger, collects gold as it grows, but don’t let it reach it’s final form, it’ll kick your ass!
    – Golden Kamikaze, is the same bat you know and love, but it drops more money!
  • 3 new weapons :
    – Gold Digger, gives gold on hits plus critical hits if you’re filthy rich.
    – Dagger of Profit, crits for 3 secs after picking up gold.
    – Money Shooter, fires your gold. If you run out of gold, no more shots…
  • 3 new mutations :
    – Midas’ Blood, gives you gold when you lose health.
    – Gold Plating, you lose gold, not health, when you get hit.
    – Get Rich Quick, stack bonus gold by killing enemies while you have a speed boost and cash in when it ends. Gotta go fast…

Furthermore, the content also includes updates to game balance, graphics and UI, quality of life, and numerous bug fixes.

With regards to the future of Dead Cells, Evil Empire and Motion Twin have stated that more DLC and free updates are on the way for at least another year.

If you have the game on your PC, Switch, Xbox, or Playstation, we suggest you download the free update now, but while waiting for the download to complete, here’s the gameplay trailer as an appetizer.

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