Dead Cells just introduced a game-changing update: You can now pet pets!

That’s right, the game we all knew as Dead Cells has changed and will never, ever, be the same! Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but being able to pet pets is one of the many nice updates Motion Twin added to the game in their latest update.

The long-awaited Panchaku finally makes its debut in the game, and a new “Bobby” outfit, inspired by Bobby Digital’s animated trailers, to go along with it. It crits on enemies facing you, and the devs hint at a flashy combo should you be able to reach the end of its animation.

Also included in the update are item reworks. Certain items like the Hard Light Sword and Pistol, Queen’s Rapier, Maw of the Deep, and Wrecking Ball among a wide list have been buffed, while other items like Smoke Bomb, Grappling Hook, Bladed Tonfas, and Lacerating Aura are among the unlucky items that received nerfs.

Legendary items also received changes in this update. Gone are the double stat scaling system and in comes legendary affixes which, instead of just upping the damage, give the item a complimentary gameplay element instead.

In order to access Dead Cells’ alpha version, follow these instructions

  • Go to your Steam game library.
  • Right-click on Dead Cells and click “properties”.
  • Select the tab “Betas”.
  • In the first dropdown box select “Alpha – Not for the faint-hearted”.
  • Click close and wait for the upload to finish downloading.
  • Start playing.

You can read all the patch notes by clicking here.

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