New Deckbuiler Game Gets An RPG Twist

Ever since Slay the Spire took the gaming world by storm, the deckbuilder roguelite subgenre experienced a massive boom in popularity. Now, you got deckbuilder games left and right, each with their own unique quirks that work, like the Monster Train where you defend instead of attack, and Inscryption which takes a dark turn to the roguelite deckbuilder genre.

Megaglope Studios recently announced their new game called “Flames of Galinor”, a card deckbuilder roguelite set in a dystopian, dark fantasy realm. You recruit a party of 3 heroes and then you embark on a journey of kickass proportions.

Megaglope Announces Roguelite Deckbuilder Flames of Galinor

The game takes some inspiration from Slay the Spire, but it also has some mechanics that set it apart. As mentioned earlier, you control three heroes instead of one with each hero having access to a different set of cards, giving the game more complexity in terms of which cards you need to keep and which ones you’d want to discard.

Also different among the other deckbuilder roguelites is hero progression. Heroes can be enhanced by allotting trait points in their node trees, further giving you the freedom to customize each run.

The game is currently in development and does not have a timetable of when it will come out, but Flames of Galinor looks promising and you can add it to your wishlist right now!

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