Demeo’s latest update is out now, and it’s free!

Resolution Games has released the latest update to its Tabletop RPG Adventure Roguelite Demeo today. Aptly named “Curse of the Serpent Lord”, the free update focuses on the party’s journey into the sand-covered city of Izteria as the mighty warlock Oana has joined the party.

The aforementioned Izteria is the main focus of this update which is highlighted by the newest environment in the game: Ronth Desert. Eight new levels have been added to this environment, three of which will be used in each playthrough.

Also mentioned earlier is the addition of the might warlock Oana, together with her trusty astacat Cána. Using portals and lightning among other strong magic spells, Oana looks to be a formidable ally your party can rely on.

Also included in the update are new enemies and bosses that came along with the new environment. Your party will now have to survive against Ronth scorpions, reptilian fighters, and followers of Iztir, among other minions, and awaiting at the end is a giant serpent is considered the embodiment of the God Iztir itself.

New cards like Scroll of Tsunami and Scroll of Lightning, as well as a bunch of new potions and a potion stand will aid you in your journey, as well as spells for the new Warlock class such as Portal of Nózh, Guiding Light, and Astral Strike. A new Trader NPC will also now be at your service and you might be able to trade a thing or two.

Lastly, Resolution Games also alluded to some issues that may or may not arise from the new update and assured players that they are working on fixing them. Among the bugs they are currently working on are:

  • Problem with the die being laggy, causing frame drops when throwing the die
  • Guiding Light sometimes freeze in place if a valid path to an undiscovered key bearer cannot be found
  • Fire Immunity Potion, Ice Immunity Potion and Adamant Potion can’t be used on Cána
  • Various graphical issues related to picking up board pieces
  • Various bugs with Cána’s skin reverting to the level 1 skin when she is leveled up
  • Minion level not restoring to its original level when loading a saved game
  • Minion not following warlock through portals. A workaround until next week is to wait for the portal to despawn, at which point the minion will teleport to where the warlock is on their next turn.

As mentioned earlier, the “Curse of the Serpent Lord” free update is out now. You can click here to read the entirety of the announcement, as well as watch the update release trailer video below that Resolution Games has prepared.

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