Elementals: Calm Skies has been discontinued

In a rather sad turn of events, Irreversal Games has announced their intention of retiring Elementals: Calm Skies and has pulled the game off the Steam marketplace. The announcement was made only a little under 3 months after its Early Access release on April 28th, 2022.

The development team cited poor sales as the reason for pulling the plug on the game. “Due to bad sales, it is not financially feasible to continue working on this game, and thus a decision to retire and refund the game has been made.”, said Irreversal Games on their Steam post.

At its core, Elementals: Calm Skies is a 3D turn-based dungeon crawling game that uses element-based attacks as players go through procedurally-generated dungeons.

This is the sad reality solo developers and indie companies face in their attempt to create the next Dead Cells or Vampire Survivors with nothing but their passion driving them towards their goal.

We at roguelites.com wish Irreversal Games well in their future endeavors.

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