Endless Dungeon release date delayed to October

Amplitude Studios, the developer of Endless Dungeon, has announced that the game’s release has been delayed to October 19. The decision was made just a month before the game was originally set to go live, as the studio said that “there’s still more work for us to do,” citing that they want to make the game as great as possible.

During this extra time, the dev team will be working on meta-progression, balancing, in-game economy, and loads of general polishing and bug-fixing. They explained that “several factors” based on tester feedback went into its difficult decision.

The studio plans to move to a more player-driven unlock scheme, so it feels more rewarding to players. Another area of improvement is the economy of the game, as they want the three resources (science, food, industry) to all feel important to avoid the feeling that “industry is king.” Balancing in general will also be a focus, as there are a lot of elements in the game (beverages, heroes, upgrades, monsters, etc.) that require a lot of feedback, which is why the playtest with the community is essential.

Endless Dungeon release date delayed to October

Due to the game’s release date postponement, the planned closed beta test has also been postponed. However, Amplitude Studios has assured that the beta testing phase will still take place. In addition, the studio is seeking more participants for its current playtest sessions and will be making specific announcements on its blog and social media channels regarding how to apply for participation.

Endless Dungeon is a spiritual successor to Dungeon of the Endless, and is published by videogame powerhouse SEGA.

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