ENDLESS Dungeon’s release date revealed, sister game’s popularity soared

January has proven to be quite an exciting month of roguelite release date announcements as literally just a couple of days ago, Housemarque announced the release date of Returnal. Now videogame royalty SEGA has decided to join in on the party and its sister game may have benefitted greatly from it.

SEGA has announced that their upcoming action RPG roguelite dungeon crawler ENDLESS Dungeon is coming to Steam, the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One on May 18th with the Nintendo Switch version arriving at a later date. Bonuses also await those who will pre-order, which starts today, and even more bonuses, including exclusive access to the “Final Rodeo” OpenDev, await those who will buy the game’s Last Wish Edition.

SEGA has prepared a pre-order trailer which you can view below:

And in other news that may or may not be related to the announcement, ENDLESS Dungeon’s sister game, Dungeon of the ENDLESS, suddenly sees its player count explode. From the previous player count average of around 100, the population soared to as high as 19,194 concurrent players since January 20th, around the time of the announcement.

Between this and the ongoing SEGA Lunar Sale, expect the video game giant to be even busier within the upcoming months.

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