Epic Games is offering City of Brass for free this week!

The Epic Game Store has been offering free games every week for a long time now in the past, and they even gave absolute bangers for free. While this is not on the level of GTA V or Nioh, City of Brass is pretty good in its own right.

Announced as one of two free games offered by Epic Games, the other being Total War: WARHAMMER, City of Brass is a beautifully designed first-person roguelite developed by the senior developers of BioShock.

Although it is a first-person adventure that can be considered an FPS game as well, City of Brass actually draws more comparison to Spelunky. Set in an Aladdin-esque environment, the goal is to complete 13 levels and get all the treasures as you work your way through rooms filled with enemies, traps, and loot.

Before we spoil you with the entirety of the game’s content, it would be a great idea to get City of Brass, but do so before April 7. After that, the game will be back to its full price.

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