Fanatical’s Platinum Bundle Features Three Roguelite Games

The roguelite genre is on fire these past few months. The smash-hit Sifu was released a little over a month ago, then Returnal released a free Ascension expansion, then Dead Cells released the Break the Bank DLC a few weeks after that, which is also free by the way, then City of Brass was free on the Epic Game Store last week, then followed by Rogue Legacy being free on the Epic Game Store this week. It’s a whole lot of craziness on the roguelite side of things, and it only gets crazier.

Fanatical has launched their Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle for the month of April where you can buy from a wide selection of games at incredibly cheaper prices. You can buy 3 games among the 18 game selection for $9.99, 5 games for $14.99, and 7 games for $19.99.

Among the games that are being offered are three roguelite games: Zengeon, an anime-style isometric action RPG, Ruin Raiders, a turn-based tactical strategy game, and Dead Age 2, a zombie-based survival RPG. Zengeon bears a resemblance to Hades, though obviously not as popular and successful. Still, it offers something that Hades doesn’t have: co-op multiplayer. As for Ruin Raiders, I see some XCOM vibes in this one, but one could argue that Ruin Raiders has more replay value simply because it’s a roguelite game. Dead Age 2 gameplay is comparable to Darkest Dungeon, though the visuals are completely different.

The non-roguelite games included in the bundle are What the Golf?, Kingdom Rush Origins – Tower Defense, Space Crew: Legendary Edition, Constructor Plus, Override 2: Super Mech League, Buddy Simulator 1984, Asterix & Obelix XXL: Romastered, Lost Words: Beyond the Page, SONG OF HORROR COMPLETE EDITION, Gigapocalypse, Dust to the End, Hedon Bloodrite, Blood And Zombies, The Big Con, and YOLKED – The Egg Game.

You can get all 3 roguelites for only $9.99, or maybe go for the $14.99 bundle and add 2 more games. Whatever combinations you choose, make sure you buy the bundle before it expires.

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