Help fight Diabetes and get awesome games in this latest Humble Bundle

It’s always great to get awesome discounted games in a bundle but to get awesome discounted games in a bundle while also helping a worthy cause is nothing short of amazing! This is what Humble Bundle has been doing for years, and their latest bundle is the perfect example of it.

Humble Bundle has teamed up with JDRF to release the “GAME OVER, T1D” game bundle which contains games with links to the Diabetes Community, aiming to help support the millions of people around the globe who live with this autoimmune disease.

The games share a direct connection to Type 1 Diabetes—through characters and themes, gameplay elements, or developers whose lives have been personally impacted. Tommy Refenes, the creator of Super Meat Boy Forever, is living with T1D. Ollie, one of the playable characters of We Happy Few, also has diabetes.

One of the games included in this bundle is RAD, a 3D action roguelite Published by Bandai Namco and currently has a 77% “Mostly Positive” rating on Steam.

BANDAI NAMCO, Beep Games, Inc., Critical Depth, Devolver Digital, and Kongregate will be donating their proceeds from this bundle to JDRF, helping support their mission to improve the lives of people living with T1D, and as of writing, the bundle sales count currently stands at 19,377 and has raised over $90,000 for charity with 11 days to go before the bundle promo ends.

For more information regarding the “GAME OVER, T1D” game bundle, click here. You can also watch the video trailer below for more information about this bundle.

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