Devs posted Furcifer’s progress in a “100 Days” vlog

I’ve always been amazed and intrigued at how games are being developed, both by AAA and Indie Developers, from the designing of the characters to coding the mechanics using a game engine, and even some companies creating game engines of their own. I love watching these vlogs and ask myself “Why can’t I do it?”, then quickly realize that I’m very terrible at design and go “Oh, right.” and just go back to fanboying at people who CAN actually do it.

One of these teams is PlayWithFurcifer, a German development team that developed a game with its namesake, Furcifer’s Fungeon. They have documented their entire journey from creating the game from scratch using the Godot Engine on their youtube channel which currently has amassed almost 8,000 subscribers. One video in particular that I took great interest in is their vlog titled 100 Days of Work on Our Roguelike Dungeon Crawler, a video documenting their progress within 100 days.

In the video, they talked about their progress in detail, starting with the process of moving from a single screen to ending up with an auto-scrolling dungeon crawler, and the challenges it posed along the way. They also mentioned how they planned to release a demo in January 2022 but had to move it due to the quality of the game is not up to their liking at the time.

A few of the game’s mechanics were also mentioned in the video and were explained how they’ve come up with the idea and how they’ve implemented it. One of the mechanics I loved was the water implementation where not only does it create an astonishing visual effect, anyone in it will be slower as well and will take huge amounts of damage if the area is struck by electricity. A lot of other topics were also mentioned, so if you’re interested in watching, click on the video below.

Furcifer’s Fungeon does not have a release date yet, but the devs did mention that the demo will be arriving soon.

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