Gunfire Reborn launches hot new DLC, “Visitors of Spirit Realm”

Gunfire Reborn is one of the hottest roguelites right now, due to the recent release of the Visitors of Spirit Realm DLC. The DLC includes two brand-new characters to play as and four new weapons to use.

If you’re unfamiliar with Gunfire Reborn, it’s a first-person action roguelite developed by Duoyi Games. Select from a crew of fantastic characters and ascend through levels of powerful enemies, collecting unique weapons and scrolls, and facing off against powerful boss enemies. It’s actually the first game I ever reviewed, and one of my favorite roguelites.

The new Visitors of Spirit Realm DLC costs 6.99 USD, but is on sale until September 4th for 5.59 USD. It includes two new characters — Xing Zhe and Li — as well as four new weapons: Hexagon, Cloud Weaver, Arc Light, and Lightning Ksana. Xing Zhe is a monkey, inspired by the Monkey King (Sun Wukong), who can summon clones to strike enemies with his cudgel. The other character, Li, is a fox who summons powerful meteors and fire to melt enemies. The four new weapons are all unique, particularly the Cloud Weaver, which gave me Marvel’s Yondu vibes.

Image Source: Gunfire Reborn Patch Notes

There are more updates planned for the winter and another DLC planned for next year.

Header Image Source: Gunfire Reborn Visitors of Spirit Realm Steam Page (AI upscaled)

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