Gunlocked Dev shares roadmap to Full Release

Gunlocked is one unique shooter in the sense that it resembles a twin-stick shooter but doesn’t use the right analog, meaning it’s not actually a twin-stick shooter. Think Vampire Survivors where you do not have to aim anything and your projectiles shoot automatically, then combine it with an old-school top scrolling shoot ’em up like Star Force from the NES, and you get Gunlocked.

Released just a few weeks ago in April 2022, the game has seen a tremendous amount of changes thanks to the non-stop effort from Developer FromLefCourt, and in his latest devblog, he has stated that he’s nearing the development cycle’s halfway point and talks about what’s in store for the game.

“If you look at the Early Access FAQ on the store page, you’ll see I’ve already met or exceeded a number of the goals I originally set out to complete. From enemy and pilot variety, to upgrade and augment quantities, Gunlocked is racing ahead of my original, modest goals. And I have no intention of slowing down!”, says FromLefCourt.

FromLefCourt has listed down what players could expect in the upcoming months, and these are:

  •  3 Unique Zones and Bosses
  • Endless Mode
  • Trials: A customizable difficulty system with its own score system
  • The Codex: An in-game database of content and statistics
  • Tutorial System
  • 8 Pilots
  • 17 Weapons
  • 21 Utilities
  • 9 Symbionic Super Weapons
  • 30 Augments
  • 50 Achievements
  • 4 Ship Skins with multiple color options

There are no set dates yet as to when 1.0 will actually release, but we will let you know as soon as one has been set.

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