Hades merch now available at Fangamer

It’s no secret that Hades is one of the most popular roguelites, if not the most popular. Having been nominated for multiple “Game of the Year” awards and winning a few of them, the demand for the game hasn’t waned a bit even in 2022, and to prove that, some Hades-themed merchandise is on its way.

Supergiant Games has announced that they have combined forces with popular videogame merchandising website Fangamer to bring you Hades merchandise. “Like all the merchandise we’ve offered in the past, these items were designed in close collaboration with our team. And, Fangamer has years of experience delivering great game-inspired merchandise to customers around the world, so these items will be easier to get a hold of than items we’ve offered in the past”, says Supergiant Games in their Steam Post.

Everything from Hades shirts, print sets, jackets, pin sets, soundtracks (which are currently sold out), and even a Hades-designed switch controller are on display, but all of them pale in comparison to the Cerberus plushie in all its cutesy glory. I mean after an hour or two of intense Hades sessions, who wouldn’t want to lie down and hug a three-headed hound dog from hell?

Click here to browse the full catalog of available Hades-related merchandise, and if that’s not enough to convince you to buy one, maybe this demonstration of the cute Dusa plushie will.

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