Humble Bundle features all-Bullet Heaven pack

Popular digital storefront Humble has released an entire bundle dedicated to the ever-rising bullet heaven subgenre, also known to other players as “reverse bullet hell” or “survivors-like”.

Aptly named “Best of Survivors-like“, the bundle features bullet heavens that have made their own niche after the popularity of Vampire Survivors skyrocketed out of nowhere and games like 20 Minutes Till Dawn and Brotato established the subgenre to what it is today.

Rogue: Genesia, Boneraiser Minions, and Nomad Survival spearhead the list of bullet heaven roguelite games featured in the bundle, with 93%, 97%, and 89% positive ratings on Steam in their names, respectively. Not following behind are hidden gems like Bounty of One, Just King (which is an honorable mention in our Top 25 Best Roguelite Games of 2022), Scarlet Tower, Neon Sundown, and Repetendium.

To put into perspective how high-quality this bundle is, the average rating of all eight games is a whopping 91.5%! That is almost unheard of in a Humble Bundle!!!

The bundle offer ends in 9 days, so don’t let this offer pass you by. Go to and purchase the Best of Survivors-like bundle now!

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