Humble Bundle’s latest bundle features a lot of roguelite games

Humble Bundle has included a ton of roguelite games in the past, but their most recent one might have the most amount of roguelites in a bundle ever.

Aptly named the Deckbuilder Bundle, it features seven deckbuilder games, and as mentioned before, some of them are roguelite deckbuilders.

Topping the list of roguelites featured in the bundle (at least for me) is Vault of the Void, created by Spider Nest Games. If you think the name sounded familiar, that is because it was included in our very first 5 Roguelite Hidden Gems You (Probably) Missed article! That’s right, we included Vault of the Void on the list because it’s that good but, for some reason, wasn’t as popular as the Slay the Spires or the Monster Trains of the world.

Next on the list is Black Book, a Dark RPG Adventure that looks to have amazing graphics as well as an actual story that develops. The game reminds me of old-school JRPGs for some reason, but that’s a good thing as games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy have been revered titles for the longest time, and to be mentioned in the same breath as those games is definitely a compliment.

One of the unique roguelite deckbuilders out there is also included in the bundle: One Step From Eden. The game is like a mix between deckbuilder and fighting games, giving importance to positioning in order for you to survive.

5 Hidden Roguelite Gems - Vault of the Void

One game on the list that I thought was not a roguelite but actually is one is Cultist Simulator. In the game, you play as a seeker in a 1920s-themed setting, and your mission is to, well, start and maintain a cult using the cards you’ll draw. Unfortunately, there are no tutorials for this one in-game, but the devs say part of the fun is figuring it out.

And last but not the least is, surprisingly, the most popular on the list in terms of the number of reviews on Steam it has: ROUNDS. If One Step From Eden is somewhat similar to a fighting game, then ROUNDS is a definite one. It’s a 1v1 PvP shooter where the loser of each round gets an upgrade to gain an advantage.

These 5 roguelite games are accompanied by 2 other non-roguelite games Library of Ruina and an Ultimate Starter Pack for the popular card game GWENT from the Witcher Series.

As with all the other Humble Bundle promos, the Deckbuilder Bundle supports a charity’s cause, in this case, Active Minds, a nonprofit organization that promotes mental health for young adults ages 14-24.

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