The latest Humble Choice features not one, but two top-tier roguelite games!

It’s pretty common nowadays to have a roguelite or two be included in HumbleBundle‘s monthly subscription-based service called the “Humble Choice“. It is pretty rare though for a roguelite game to spearhead said Humble Choice, and even more of a rarity for two of them to do so, but that is actually what happened this month.

Leading the charge for this month’s Humble Choice is the award-winning FPS roguelite DEATHLOOP. Developed by Arkane Lyon Studios and Published by Bethesda Softworks, this fast-paced shooter has been nominated for numerous awards in 2021 and 2022 and has won a good chunk of them, including the Critics Choice Award in the Golden Joystick Awards in 2021, and Best Game in the Pégases Awards in 2022.

The other featured roguelite is the beautifully-grotesque deckbuilder roguelite Monster Train. Although not as critically acclaimed as DEATHLOOP, the game is just as popular and always held in high regard as a top-tier deckbuilder roguelite. It is so highly regarded, in fact, that most people consider it the second-best deckbuilder roguelite of all time, only behind Slay the Spire, while some actually rate it higher than the latter.

The rest of this month’s lineup are also good games, like Disciples: Liberation, Maid of Sker, Silver Chains, Epic Chef, Railroad Corporation, and Golf Gang.

The Humble Choice subscription fee is $11.99 a month and unlike other popular subscription-based services like PS Plus and the PC Game Pass, you actually get to keep these Humble Choice games you get forever!

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