Two roguelites join Humble Choice July 2022 lineup

Widely-renowned Digital Storefront Humble Bundle has recently announced the list of games that comprises their monthly Humble Choice lineup. Two of the eight listed games have been confirmed to be roguelite games that have enjoyed quite a bit of popularity at one point or another.

Legend of Keepers and Banners of Ruin join six other games, spearheaded by the very popular Roguelike FPS game Deep Rock Galactic, which also includes a massive discount coupon for its Ultimate Bundle. Necromunda: Hired Gun, Legion TD 2, Lawn Mowing Simulator, Yes, Your Grace, and ATOM RPG Trudograd complete the July 2022 lineup.

For those that do not know, “Humble Choice” is a monthly lineup of games that Humble Bundle gives, for free, to its members. Of course, you have to pay a monthly or annual fee to be a member, but once you have, you’ll receive a wide variety of privileges like coupons and the aforementioned free games via Humble Choice.

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