Humble’s January Choice features 3 Roguelite Games

Popular digital storefront Humble has released a new set of games included in its monthly Humble Choice bundle. Included are 3 roguelite games, all of which were released last year.

Leading the list of roguelite games featured in this month’s bundle is Tribes of Midgard, an isometric survival roguelite that became a hit in late 2021, then was ported to the Xbox consoles and the Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Also on the list are Conan Chop Chop, a cute co-op beat ’em up roguelite that can be played by up to 4 players, and The Serpent Rogue, a crafting action roguelite that lets you use alchemy while taming wild beasts.

Completing the list are non-roguelite games like the top choice game Doom Eternal, Encased, Olli Olli World: Rad Edition, Grow: Song of the Everetree, and Hokko Life.

If you want to get these games for a very low price, then head to and subscribe to their monthly choice subscription before January ends.

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