New Class, Gear, and Events await in The Iron Oath’s First Major Update

Turn-based Tactics RPG The Iron Oath has only been released a little over a month ago and it has already released numerous patches to fix existing bugs as well as implement Quality of Life changes throughout the game. The best is yet to come, however, as Curious Panda Games announces its first major update called “Fire and Ice”.

A new class in the form of the Icebender will be introduced in the new update. A specialist in crowd control, the Icebender will more likely fill the utility role as he is able to summon Ice Pillars, freeze enemies, and support his allies.

Here’s the list of abilities the Icebender will possess:

  • Arctic Armor: Apply a Damage Shield on an ally for 2 Rounds which also grants Frost Resistance and Immunity to Freeze.
  • Cold Feet: Place an ice trap on a vacant cell. Targets that step on it take damage and are Rooted in place for 1 Round. If the condition is not cleansed, they will become Frozen on their next turn for 2 Rounds.
  • Frostburst: Target an ice wall or frozen unit and channel for 5 turns, shattering the ice and damaging all adjacent targets.
  • Frozen Tomb: Target self, ally, or enemy and Freeze them for 2 Rounds, cleansing negative conditions. Targets are Immune to damage, but the ice can be destroyed.
  • Ice Wall: Summon a destructible wall of ice on any cell that partially blocks the line of sight. If the cell is occupied, the target is pushed away. Lasts until destroyed.
  • Impaling Ice: Target up to 2 cells within range and damage the occupants, slowing them for 1 Round, and applying Ice Terrain.
New Class, Gear, and Events await in The Iron Oath's First Major Update

Curious Panda Games plans on releasing 3 more classes to round out the number of classes in Early Access to 10. The ones currently planned are the Balladeer (healer), Executioner (tank), and Mystic (ranged support).

The update will also include new gear, as well as the additions of Named and Legendary gear. Originally planned in their Fall Update, this was moved way early due to public demand. Users will also be able to find magical scrolls within dungeons, which can then be applied to their gear to enchant it with various beneficial effects. Higher tier gear will have more slots for enchantments, allowing users to come up with unique combinations that best suit each of their characters.

Lastly, Curious Panda Games teased us with a glimpse of the future as the development of their second major update: A Matter of Time, is also underway. New mechanics like Time Modifiers and Incenses are going to be introduced in this update along with improvements to dungeon exploration.

The Iron Oath is currently available on the PC through Steam, Humble Bundle, and

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