It Looks Like A Physical Release Of Rift Keeper Is On The Horizon

Rift Keeper has been out for a little over 2 years. Developed and published by Frymore, it has been released on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One, but all of them are digital releases. This could change soon!

In a recent post on Red Art Games’ website, it looks like a physical release of Rift Keeper is on the horizon. 999 copies of the game are slated to be released for the Playstation 4. The physical release for other consoles has not been announced yet, but that might very well be the plan should the PS4 release see relative success.

Rift Keeper is a handcrafted 2D roguelite platformer with challenging, fast-paced action gameplay. The game features 30 handcrafted dungeons in total, unique enemies and bosses which provide challenges, and epic loot that shape your progress differently each run.

As for Rift Keeper’s physical release date, we’ll keep you updated once it is announced. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the PS4 trailer released by Red Art Games.

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