Get 950+ Games For $10 In “Bundle For Ukraine”

If you want to have amazing titles such as CrossCode, Celeste, and Baba Is You among others while helping a cause, then you do not want to pass up on this opportunity.

The indie developers at, spearheaded by Necrosoft Games, have put together a massive bundle, containing almost 1,000 games, tabletop RPGs, books, etc. Named the “Bundle for Ukraine”, this bundle aims to help Ukraine as it currently is under attack.

Over 700 creators have joined in on this donation drive, and all proceeds will go to the International Medical Corps which provides medical assistance in the region, and Voices of Children, a Ukrainian organization that helps children cope with the horrors of war, PTSD, readjusting to school, and getting back to being kids.

Bundle For Ukraine Almost 1,000 Games For $10

According to the bundle page, nearly 1,000 products can be yours for as low as $10, but, as well as we at, urge you to donate more if you can as it will go to a great cause.

As of this writing, over $350,000 has been raised and well over 9 days remain before the bundle offer expires. It’s safe to say that it will smash its goal of $1,000,000 and could possibly go multiple times over that.

You can check out, and hopefully purchase, the “Bundle for Ukraine” by clicking here.

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