Katana-Ra Devs announces major overhaul

W.R.K.S Games has announced that a comprehensive overhaul and update is looming for their action-adventure roguelite, Katana-Ra: Shinobi Rising. The update is scheduled to be released in December 2023 and will include a variety of improvements to the game’s locomotion and movement, combat, verticality, story, and investigation elements. The update will also overhaul the game map to focus more on the traditional mountain village feel that players enjoy more than its cyberpunk aesthetic.

“I see that the actual experience of the game fell short of what I intended for this at the launch version of the game. In the last few months I have been poking around when possible to see areas of improvement and taking in feedback and there is now clarity on the path ahead.”, said W.R.K.S Games in a blog post.

The devs have also stated that they will have comprehensive patch notes together with the update in December, reassuring that updates to the game are still coming. “Know that the game has not been abandoned and updates are coming! I am grateful for the people that purchased this and I have a clear path to improvement ahead of me now.”, they said.

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