Kitsu’s Destiny to close soon, Dev retires

In a piece of unfortunate news, developer KitsuNet has decided to discontinue the development of the RPG Maker-based JRPG roguelite Kitsu’s Destiny only two months after its release.

This was announced only a few days after the game took a price cut to $4.99 and a DLC the days after. KitsuNet cites low sales as the reason for the game’s discontinuation.

In addition, KitsuNet herself has decided to retire from the videogame industry and decided to return to modding games as a hobby and will actively pursue a career as an IT Network Engineer.

The game will stay online on the popular gaming platform Steam until January 31st.

We at wish KitsuNet well in her future endeavors.

CORRECTION: We’ve previously referred to KitsuNet using male pronouns which is an error on our part which have since been corrected. We sincerely apologize to KitsuNet for this mistake.

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