The Last Spell full release is coming soon

The popular turn-based tactics roguelite The Last Spell is finally nearing its full release. Developer Ishtar Games have announced that they are planning to release the 1.0 version soon, and on the same day as the console versions (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5).

Since December, the team has been working on finalizing the content for the 1.0 update, which includes new tutorials, balancing, new maps, and new monsters. Achievements will also be included in the full release.

The release date for The Last Spell is planned for early 2023, which means that the wait is almost over. The devs have also announced that the price of the game will be increased next week, on February 1st, to 24.99€/$24.99. Players who want to get the game at a lower price still have some time to do so before the price increase.

The Last Spell is a turn-based tactical RPG set in a medieval fantasy world on the brink of extinction. Players take on the role of the last remaining spellcaster in a world overrun by monsters and must lead a group of heroes on a journey to save humanity. The game features a unique day and night cycle, where players must survive against waves of monsters during the night and make strategic decisions during the day to prepare for the next night.

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