Let’s! Revolution! Nominated for GOTY at SXSW Sydney

The colorful turn-based strategy roguelite Let’s! Revolution! has been nominated for Game of the Year at the SXSW Sydney Games Festival which will take place from October 18th to 22nd of this year.

Despite being up against some big names, the game’s developers BUCK and Antfood are confident that Let’s! Revolution! has a chance to win. The game has been praised by early critics for its innovative gameplay and stylish visuals. They’re also hoping that the game’s unique setting of Beebom City will give it an edge over the other nominees.

Let’s! Revolution! is a roguelite action game set in a cyberpunk world. Players take on the role of a revolutionary fighting to overthrow a corrupt government. The game features fast-paced combat, procedurally generated levels, and a variety of unlockable weapons and abilities.

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