This new feature will make Like a Dragon: I-sing!

Yes, I know that Like a Dragon: Ishin! is not a roguelite, but when I was covering ESGS 2022 last October, the SEGA booth was one of the best out there, and one of the games that immediately caught my eye was Like a Dragon: Ishin! That being said, to those who are as interested in the game as I am, read on.

Publisher SEGA has released the latest information regarding the upcoming hack-and-slash action adventure from developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio in the form of new features. These include new sub-stories, modes, and even mini-games, which, believe it or not, includes karaoke!

In the first sub-story titled “The Captain and the Curious”, Ernest Satow, a foreigner who recently arrived in Japan and wants to learn about the country, has requested Ryoma to collect “Memoirs” from the Bakamatsu Era for him. Of course, trouble always seems to follow Ryoma wherever he goes.

This new feature will make Like a Dragon: I-sing!

The second sub-story, “The Spitfire Town Protector” features Yae Yamamoto a.k.a. Miss Tatsu the debt collector, a vigilante out to get scumbags who prey on people’s desperation. She asks Ryoma’s help in a case of a missing couple, suspecting an underground syndicate as the culprit.

Some of the new features also include minigames, including Bakumatsu-era recreation like Buyo Dancing or Courtesan Games. It also includes a karaoke minigame where you press buttons to the rhythm. No, you don’t actually get to sing for real, and maybe that’s a good or bad thing, but rhythm games are the next best thing.

This new feature will make Like a Dragon: I-sing!

There’s also a farming mini-game called “Another Life: A Quiet Life in the Countryside!” where you live your life peacefully in the provinces.

Fans of the series won’t have to wait for long because Like a Dragon: Ishin! is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, and Steam on February 22, 2023.

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