Mythforce’s Balance Update is now live

Beamdog has announced that its latest update for the first-person action RPG roguelite Mythforce has just been released. Nicknamed “Rebalancing the Scales“, the update features a lot of improvements and bug fixes in addition to the new content.

One of the most requested “Quality of Life” features is the ability for party members to share healing potions, and this will now be implemented. “One of the biggest things players have been asking for is the ability to share healing with their party during a run. With the scarcity of healing potions, it can be a drag when the only party members with health potions are already at or near full health, so we’ve added the ability to drop potions. Now you just have to scroll to the health potion on the hotbar (default mousewheel) and press the drop key (default X), and you’ll drop a potion at your feet for another member of the team to pick up.”, said Luke Rideout, Beamdog’s Project Manager.

Players can now also sell their gear for extra gold, thanks to a new artifact called “Kovina’s Crucible”. It can be found near each merchant’s table and it’s as easy as dropping the items you don’t need into the shrine, and you’ll be dripped in gold in no time.

The update also introduces a new enemy: a Lizardman Warchief Elite. It is a massive lizardfolk warrior that appears as an elite enemy in the Bastion of the Beastlord adventure, capable of dealing a massive amount of damage.

Also added to the game is a new artifact called Fire Sale, which is literally what it means. You get a 30% discount at the Merchant’s Shop, but you do so at the cost of catching on fire whenever you successfully purchased an item.

There are a lot more improvements and bug fixes that have been implemented in the game through the “Rebalancing the Scales” update, and you can read the rest of the update by clicking here.

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