MythForce Devs reveal Quest System and Roadmap in their first Content Update

Since its release in the Epic Game Store last April, MythForce has become a huge hit, reaching more than 24,000 viewers while being featured on streams of popular Twitch streamers like Lirik, CohhCarnage, and AdmiralBahroo. Now, Beamdog has announced additional content to the game, some patch notes, as well as a roadmap that will shape the future of the game through this year and beyond.

First announced the implementation of the Quest System. According to Luke Rideout, the Project Director at Beamdog, you can unlock 12 new perks, including some brand new mage-focused perks like Fire & Ice attunement, and Painsmith, which increases damage for your damage-over-time effects. New perks offer a chance for more build experimentation, with tons of “risk and reward.”

Also announced is the roadmap of the game which contains plans that will be on the horizon until 2023. “We’re not revealing everything here (we want there to be some surprises), but these are the broad strokes of what’s coming up! Between now and 1.0, we’re shooting for 2 more full episodes, plus additions to Episode 1: Bastion of the Beastlord. You can expect major content updates quarterly, with smaller content updates and patches in between (about one update every 3 weeks)”, said Rideout.

Lastly, a list of patch updates has been implemented in the game, consisting of the aforementioned Quest System, as well as new perks, and fixes to issues regarding gameplay, performance, and overall design layout.

You can view the announcement in its entirety by going to this link.

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