New Deckbuilder Nadir Lets You Control Your Enemies

I love how despite the sheer number of deckbuilder games out there, there are some that continue to innovate. A similar sentiment can be said with Nadir, a new roguelite deckbuilder. Though the game is still currently in development, Black Eye Games, the developer and publisher of Nadir, has released a free version of the game named Nadir – Prologue: Slay the Six.

In Nadir, you command one of the Seven Deadly Sins in 1v1 fights against a powerful enemy. Each of the Seven brings its own set of cards that greatly alter your deck. Learning the style of each character, and developing it properly to support that style, is the key to building a powerful deck and surviving another fight.

The visuals of this game are amazing! From the backgrounds to the cards, the protagonists, the enemies, and even the icons, you can really feel that each element was drawn carefully and with full detail, and fit into the game’s dark atmosphere.

With roguelite deckbuilders, we’re now kind of used to the enemies showing their intent for the turn, whether they will attack, defend, or cast some spells. One of the interesting innovations in Nadir is that you are actually responsible for how the enemy will respond to you!

New Deckbuilder Nadir Lets You Control Your Enemies

Here’s how it works: three pillars will appear at the top between you and the enemy. These are the actions that the enemy will do once your turn is over. The colors on the pillars indicate that you can only use cards of the same color to flip that pillar over from red to blue, or vice versa. It adds a layer of depth to the ever-evolving deckbuilder mechanics.

The game is slated for a 2022 release. When in 2022 is anyone’s guess at the moment, but in the meantime, you can play the prologue until the game arrives.

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