Neon Sundown developer tests positive for COVID-19, latest update delayed

Ben Nichols, the developer of Neon Sundown, a top-down action shooter roguelite, has posted a status update regarding the game’s upcoming Black Market v2.0 update.

“Unfortunately, the Black Market update is going to be delayed a couple weeks as I was fighting Covid the last two weeks, which is why for those watching the GitHub logs there’s been very little movement. I tried a few times to work on the update but just couldn’t find the energy to do it, so it’s set me back a bit which is why the update is going to be coming out a bit later than expected.”, says Nichols.

He has since recovered from the disease and is now back on track to developing the update. As to where the game goes moving forward, he had this to say:

“After the release of v2.0, I will be continuing to release patches for the game where needed, as well as adding a bit of extra content like the initial patches with the game. After that, I will be looking into adding official mod support for the game, which will let the community create their own ships, arenas, cards, and more with the use of a scripting language such as Lua. I may also look into some built-in modding (such as an arena creator), but that’s not a guarantee.”

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