The new Deadlink demo is now live!

Developer Gruby Entertainment has released a new version of the demo of their FPS roguelite Deadlink. This came in a little over a month after the game’s full release.

This new version features content from the full version, including voiceover and localization, to help you prepare for what’s in store once you decide to buy the game.

Here’s the excerpt of Gruby Entertainment’s announcement:

Attention, all new-coming Agents! Prepare to infiltrate the neon-lit cyberpunk underworld – the newest Deadlink demo is now your training ground for the challenges that await. Сarefully designed by CSA to calibrate Agents, it is your ticket to prove that you’re ready to handle the world of corporate brutality.

Equipped with all the features of the full version, including voiceover and localization, this demo thrusts you into the heart of the action. As you face off against the ruthless Tora Heavy Industries, the first enemy corporation hailing from Japan, every ounce of strategy and firepower counts.

Will you rise to the challenge? The Deadlink demo awaits your bold entry!

Deadlink is a guns-blazing-fast cyberpunk FPS with roguelite elements developed by Gruby Entertainment and published by, and is available on Steam. For more information regarding the game, go to

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