New location spearheads Ghostlore’s latest update

Since its release 2 months ago, Ghostlore has seen a decent amount of sales, and currently has a well-respected 89% “Very Positive” rating on Steam. Still, more work has yet to be done according to the devs, and recently, they have released its latest update.

The most notable among its updates is the new map added to the game. Named “Batu Sinaran”, this new location continues the main narrative of the game and will be added to the pool of maps in endless Hell Gate mode.

“Since you guys have asked, I have started to think of some ideas for new content. These ideas will expand the lore of the game and will require brand-new art assets. I also will need some time to propose these ideas to the people working with me and even more time to implement/refine them. I hope to be able to share these ideas with you in the near future.”, says Andrew Teo, one of the two Ghostlore devs.

The rest of the updates include font changes to the UI to make the text more compact, better color coordination, post processing tweaks, shader effect tweaks, and overall visual updates to make the game more visually attractive.

Ghostlore is an “Eastpunk” Action-RPG inspired by Diablo II and Titan Quest. The game is currently available on Steam.

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