Orbital Bullet has a 360-degree take on Roguelites, literally

The roguelite genre has a lot of elements that make roguelite games, well, roguelite games. There is the progression after every run that gives you progress, motivating you to do one more run, as well as the randomly generated areas that give you the expect-the-unexpected thrill. After each run, whether you died or killed the final boss, you will go back to the very beginning to do another run. The same can be said with Orbital Bullet but in a more literal sense.

With Orbital Bullet, not only do you start from the beginning, you literally run around in circles. A 2.5D action roguelite at its core, the game gives you the side-scrolling action you see in games like Dead Cells or 30XX, but it also gives you, oddly enough, a Pac-Man vibe where you go from one side the come out on the other.

The game’s premise is similar to most roguelites that come before it. Each planet you come across is randomly generated, and your mission is to wipe the enemies out until you get to the planet’s boss and wipe the floor with him too. The difference is how these games apply that formula, and the game manages to set itself apart from the others with beautifully-crafted levels and frenetic gameplay.

Orbital Bullet has a 360° take on Roguelites, literally

The game is out now on Steam as well as GOG and is currently on a 35% discount on both sites, so now’s the perfect opportunity to grab this bad boy and take it on a spin (pun intended)!

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