Ravenbound Development Ends with Final Update

Ravenbound developer and publisher Systemic Reaction has announced the release of the game’s final update, marking the end of active development. The team thanked players for their support throughout the development process and said that they are “passing the torch” to the community to continue building their legacy in Ávalt.

“Ravenbound has always been a story of overcoming the impossible,” the developers wrote. “We set out with a vision to create our own unique experience combining the freedom of a stunning open world together with challenging roguelite combat seeped in Scandinavian folklore. Through conception, development, and in the months since release, we’ve transformed that vision into a vibrant reality.”

Ravenbound is an open-world action roguelite released in March of 2023. Unfortunately, it received mixed reviews from critics, garnering a 50% positive rating on Steam, with many liking the game’s combat system, but disliked its poor optimization and unbalanced reward system. The open-world aspect has also been a double-edged sword for the game, with some liking it, while others hated being punished for exploring Ávalt.

While Ravenbound will no longer receive active development, the developers said that they are excited to see what the community does with the game in the years to come.

“We can’t wait to see all of the speedruns, creative videos, and beautiful art you continue to share in our Discord and across the internet,” the developers wrote.

“So, from the depths of our hearts, we extend our sincerest gratitude. Your role in shaping Ravenbound and its world cannot be overstated. As you dive into the game, know that you’re playing not just a product of our dedication, but a piece of our shared journey.”

Unfortunately, this is the second game within a week where the Dev Team has decided to end its development cycle as yesterday, Revita shared the same fate.

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