Risk of Rain 2 Player Deletes Mithrix In Seconds… Using Squid Polyps?

Risk of Rain 2 is such a fun game where you have a wide selection of weapons, turrets, and powerups to kill enemies with. As with all games that require selecting what you need to win, not all items will be equally good. Some will be good. Some will be bad. Some will be downright overpowered, and of course, some will be nearly unplayable because of how bad they are.

The Squid Polyp has had the notoriety of being one of the worst, if not THE worst, items in the game. It deals sub-optimal damage if only one is deployed, and summoning multiple polyps requires a lot of setups. The worst part is that with the Survivors of the Void DLC, the worst item in the game can actually turn on you and kill you!

That didn’t stop a player by the name of “Swift4010” from using it though. Not only did he use the Squid Polyp, he even beat Mithrix, the game’s final boss with it too… in about a second!

In Swift4010’s Reddit post, he was able to summon a bajillion Polyps to where Mithrix is about to spawn. With enough stats, every polyp was able to deal decent damage with a very fast attack speed. Once the Mithrix appears and took damage, it took a little over a second before it got deleted by the sheer power of the Squid Polyps!

The amazing this is that, according to Swift4010, he didn’t even play it optimally. In his words, he said, “I meant to play with Mul-T’s double equipment to get a Gorag’s Opus too, but didn’t end up needing it lol”.

You can check out the clip by going to Swift4010’s Reddit post or by viewing the video below.

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