A Custom Mod Lets You Play Risk Of Rain 2 In VR, And It’s Glorious!

Virtual Reality has been a fascination the human race had an interest in dating back to the early 1800s. From Sensoramas to 3D glasses, to whatever headache-inducing contraption that Virtual Boy was, VR technology has gradually improved over the years, and it led us to the current selection of VR Devices: Oculus Quest, Valve Index, and Playstation VR.

Some good games have also been released for VR devices. Games like Beat Saber, No Man’s Sky, and Tetris Effect quickly come to mind, but there are a ton of other great VR games waiting to be discovered. And now, Risk of Rain 2 also belongs to that list.

A developer by the name of DrBibop has created VRMod, a Risk of Rain 2 Mod that, well, lets you play Risk of Rain 2 in VR mode. Currently, all the initial characters are playable, with the Railgunner and the Void Fiend coming in as the latest additions to the roster.

Since the game was not meant to be played on VR, DrBibop warned the RoR2 community that using high mobility characters such as Loader or Mercenary could lead to nausea due to motion sickness. Still, the mod received an overwhelmingly positive reception, received over 60,000 downloads as of this writing.

A Custom Mod Lets You Play Risk Of Rain 2 In VR, And It's Glorious!

What’s great about this mod as well is that you’re still able to play with your friends even if they are not using the mod. It’s mostly a “you” thing, so feel free to experience the Risk of Rain 2 experience firsthand alone or with companions!

The Risk of Rain 2 VRMod is still a work in progress, but it’s currently available for download and should be compatible with the Oculus and SteamVR devices. You can visit their discord channel to get more information about VRMod.

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