RLC Weekly News Update – August 18, 2022

The wheel keeps on turning, and roguelite news keeps on coming!


Hello roguemates! Cerebro here from roguelites.com, and we’re back to give you more weekly updates from all your favorite roguelite games, so without further ado, let’s begin!

Starting us off this week is a couple of news from Terraformers!

The first update is that Developer Asteroid Lab has given us a sneak peek into the upcoming major update which involves ocean-related gameplay. Using seaports, the ocean can now be traversed and expanded to in the future, where players can create coastal buildings like filtering installations or fish farms. Marine lifeforms will also be introduced as a result.

The next update is that the devs will be attending Gamescom 2022 in Cologne, Germany to demo the game to players.

The latest update to the tactics strategy roguelite Oaken has been released in the past week.

Coined as the Spellcasters Update, it features a new guide in Raiku as well as 8 new spells. The keyword script system has also seen a large rework, making interactions between different unit effects, spells and special fields more consistent and fixing multiple issues with “on death” effects

Rounding up the update are the usual balance changes and bug fixes.

August 11 marked the first year anniversary since the release of turn-based card battler roguelite Black Book. To commemorate this day, developer Morteshka has released Steam Trading cards for the game.

We at roguelites.com would like to congratulate Morteshka and HypeTrain Digital on the achievement, and greet Black Book a very happy 1st birthday!

In tune with its Xbox and Nintendo Switch releases, Season 3 of the isometric co-op survival roguelite Tribes of Midgard has also arrived last August 16.

The season will feature Surtr, The Ruler of Múspelheim, the new biome called The Volcanic Spire, a new “Inferno” Saga Quest, and a new Spear Weapon.

The updated Game Over Screen and a new Fishing feature round out the new changes to the season.

New Cards, New Mechanics, and changes to Spells and Monsters are coming to the strategy deckbuilder roguelite Vault of the Void.

In Spider Nest Games’ latest dev blog, they’ve announced that the latest update to their game, and one of the main changes is that spells will no longer have their cooldown persist between combats which means you’ll no longer need to draw out a fight for an extra turn of two to reduce the cooldown on your favorite spell.

4 new cards have been added to the Daughter of the Voids card pool! Girl’s Best Friend, Spite, Final Repose and Alms are a couple new Corruption Attack cards to help flesh out that need!

Lastly, the update also added alternative art packs for those who want some visual changes to their decks.

One of the two Early Access games that announced their full release this week is Across the Obelisk, a team-based deckbuilder roguelite.

The game has fully launched in August 16 and together with the launch, Dreamsite Games has announced that they have agreed to a publishing deal with Paradox Arc, a brand new publishing label that exists as part of the Paradox Interactive family.

The other game that has announced its Full Release is the RTS Tower Defense roguelite Rogue Door Defense.

In celebration of their full game release, brimsel games also released a new map: the “Glaciers of Mo’Ritz”, 30 new levels, 2 new bosses, and new graphics and artworks.

Also included in the launch is a new mechanic called fusion tower upgrades where you combine the elements to build powerful Elemental Fusion Towers. With a lot of elements in the game, the number of fusion tower combinations are aplenty! You can check the game’s Towers Almanac for all the available Fusion Tower combinations.

2D shoot ’em up roguelite Gunlocked has also released their latest major update. A new Zone in the Lepi Section, new pilots in Tempest and Ace, new weapons like the Dronerang and Buzz Beacons, and new Utilities like the Crystal Drone and Amplifrier spearhead the new updates.

Also, players new to the game now have access to in-game tutorials to get their feet wet and can now pause the game to take a look at their current upgrades. Although not as major, these two are very welcome QoL updates. Balance changes and bug fixes round out the update.

The last update for this week comes from The Last Spell. The latest update features a new map called the Elderlicht, a new unique feature named the Soul Vessels, and a new boss.

Completing the list of updates are the damage rework, the panic mechanic rework, new enemies and buildings, balance and quality of life updates, and bug fixes.

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