RLC Weekly News Update – August 25, 2022

We’re back with another issue of our weekly roguelite updates featuring Dead Cells, Cult of the Lamb, and more!


Hello roguemates! Cerebro here from roguelites.com and here are some of the notable news from the roguelite genre this week including updates from some of the best games on the market, so let’s get on with the video!

Our first news comes from Dicey Dungeons, a dice-based deckbuilder roguelite.

Developer and Publisher Terry Cavanagh has recently released version 2.1 of the game, which mostly comprises of the usual balance changes and bug fixes, but the big news is that the game has been verified to be playable on the Steam Deck, so for Steam Deck owners out there, now’s your chance to get your hands on Dicey Dungeons.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 developer and publisher Fatshark has announced the return of The Onslaught Tournament Series. As of August 14, 2022: The sign-up period has started and will last until 10 AM UTC of September 1, 2022 for Tier 1 and 2 and until 10 AM UTC of September 8, 2022 for Tier 3 and 4.

Maps will be announced on the 20th of August and practice period starts for all tiers until their respective tournament days.

This season is going to double as a charity event, as all proceeds will go to The International Fund for Animal Welfare. Go to the Onslaught Series’ Discord channel to sign up. The link is in the description below.

Developer and publisher Galactic Slice has announced that the turn-based dungeon crawler roguelite OneBit Adventure, which was released last August 19, is completely free to play! As mentioned in their dev blog, their goal was to make a simply fun game for everyone without restrictions.

The game’s revenue will come from microtransactions with cosmetics and revives for classic mode, and the devs confirmed that there will be no loot boxes, gachas, or ad spamming in the game, stating, and I quote: “I’m an indie dev and really just wanted to make a fun game that wasn’t grasping for every penny, but I do appreciate the support as it helps me provide even better content!”.

This next piece of incredible news comes from another recently-released game: Cult of the Lamb.

Developer Massive Monster and Publisher Devolver Digital have recently announced that the game has sold a whopping 1 million copies in their first week alone.

We at roguelites.com would like to congratulate Massive Monster and Devolver Digital for such an amazing sales accomplishment!

Evil Empire and Motion Twin have announced a price change for Dead Cells in Argentina and Turkey, but unfortunately, the change is a price increase instead of a decrease.

The reasoning behind this change is due to buyers changing their country settings to these two countries and buying the game a lot cheaper, 70-90% cheaper to be more precise, as a result.

This, along with the regular discounts the game offers, impacts their sales numbers heavily, thus, the unfortunate call to increase the price in these 2 countries.

This next update comes from the grim deckbuilder roguelite Nadir.

Team Nadir and Black Eye Games have recently laid out their roadmap for the game, which includes double cards, a mechanic that gives players two options per card, card crafting, base building, and extended progression.

Expect more news from Nadir in the upcoming months as they prepare for the full game’s release sometime in 2022.

Developer and Publisher Kitfox Games has recently released 3 new secret weapons for their dating simulator slash action roguelite Boyfriend Dungeon.

The three new weapons players can wield, and date, of course, are the Axe, Hammer, and Whip. Also added to the game is the Verona College dunj.

Rounding up the update are the usual miscellaneous changes and bug fixes.

This next update is a short one from the FPS roguelite Roboquest.

Developer and publisher RyseUp Studios has announced that they will be attending Gamescom 2022 from August 24 to 28. People who will attend the event will see them at the Indie Arena Booth stand n71, so if you want to check on them, make sure you do so as they will be posting the event on their Twitter account.

The last update we have this week is also a short one from the top-down action roguelite Mechabot Defender.

Developer and publisher Spargit Studio has released an update that enables Keybinds and Controller support in the game. Though not the most exciting news, it is a huge quality-of-life update that will definitely help the playerbase.

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