RLC Weekly News Update – August 31, 2022

We have moved our weekly news update a day early to give you all the happenings within the world of roguelites!


Hello, roguemates! Cerebro here from roguelites.com and here are some of the notable news from the roguelite genre this week and we’re not going to make you wait any longer!

Our first update comes from the auto-battler roguelite Supernova Tactics.

One of the common issues players face in the game is the difficulty curve especially in the early game, so Developer Ajido has eased this phase by increasing the starting crystals to 15.

Along with this change is a Quality of Life update where the shop now shows how many units you own on your bench, as well as other bug fixes.

The next update comes from the tabletop RPG roguelite Demeo.

Developer and publisher Resolution Games has announced that they will be attending PAX West from September 2-5.

If you’re attending the event, make sure you drop by Booth#651 where you can meet the developers, play Demeo, buy a Pinny Arcade assassin pin, or join their daily giveaways where you have the chance to bring home T-shirts, game codes, monster cards and more!

A new game mode is now available as mentioned in the latest chapter of the text-based RPG roguelite Heroes of Book & Paper.

Players will now be able to play Campaign Mode or if they want to still go for Normal mode, they still can.

Rounding up the list of updates is a new legendary item in the Magic Cloak, a new location called “The Knight’s Crypt”, balance and quality of life changes, and bug fixes.

As written by our Roguelites.com colleague Puppeht, FPS roguelite Gunfire Reborn has recently launched its first-ever DLC.

Nicknamed “Visitors of Spirit Realm”, the DLC features 2 new heroes in Xing Zhe the Illusionist, and Li the Crimson Flame.

Also included in the DLC are four new weapons: the Cloud Weaver, Arc Light, Lightning Ksana, and the Hexagon.

The base game also received some updates in the form of a new “Bizarre Dream” game mode, as well as some adjustments and fixes.

We have some great news coming from the tower defense roguelite Tower Tactics: Liberation.

Developer and publisher AsraWorks has released their latest update, which aims to reduce the players’ grinding to unlock upgrades.

Now, more experience and Astral Dust are gained at the end of each run, offerings give more Astral Dust, each deck now has 10 ascensions instead of 20 and the cost of early unlocking new ascensions has been reduced from 150 to 50 Astral Dust.

The price of the forge has also been reduced so players can unlock it faster, so overall, players of Tower Tactics: Liberation has a lot to look forward to!

This next piece of news is a short one from the 2D simulation roguelite Isolate ME!

Developer and publisher LBeastwood has announced that the game will be making the transition from Early Access into its Beta Phase, which usually means the game will receive more updates in the upcoming months.

Developer Straka Studio has announced the addition of Daily Runs for the souls-like action roguelite Loot River.

All players will have the same dungeon for the day, as well as random weapons, mods, spells, and possibly even items not unlocked in the main game, all to ensure all players have the same gameplay conditions.

Score at least one Victory or Escape in the new daily mode and all your subsequent games will have 10 more charms to find.

As previously covered in our Weekly News update a couple of weeks ago, the “Children of the Worm” update to the popular FPS survival roguelite Back 4 Blood, launched last August 30.

The update includes 6 brand-new chapters, a new cleaner, 8 exclusive character skins, 12 exclusive weapon skins, and a lot more!

What you’re watching right now is its trailer and I’ll now step aside for everyone to watch the rest of it.

The final news comes from the developer Fuzz Force who is well-known for his game Fuzz Force: Spook Squad.

After the success of his dice-based deckbuilder roguelite, Fuzz Force has announced that he has been working on a new game called “Cardterrupters”.

The game is also a deckbuilder roguelite, but unlike Spook Squad, Cardterrupters has a real-time battle system, and all the cards or enemy skills take real time to cast and enemies can be interrupted while they’re preparing to act, and vice versa.

As of writing, Cardterrupters is slated for a 2023 release.

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