RLC Weekly News Update – September 7, 2022

More roguelite news is coming as some roguelite games are on the move this week!


Hello, roguemates! Cerebro here from roguelites.com, and we’re back with another video as we delve into the events that happened within the roguelite genre this week starting in 3, 2, 1…

We’re starting of this week with a quick update from the Lovecraftian platformer roguelite Madshot.

Camilla from the game’s publisher HOOK Games has laid out their roadmap for the game which started last June of 2022. The next update has been tentatively scheduled for the fall of 2022 as they plan on adding a new Zone that contains new bosses, minibosses, and more.

Numerous pitstops have also been added in the Winter and Spring of 2023 which eventually leads to the game’s full release set to the Summer of the same year.

Of course, plans could still change due to circumstances, but 2023 will likely be the year Madshot gets a full release if everything goes according to Overflow and HOOK Games’ plan.

Action RPG roguelite Source of Madness has just released a major update this week, which includes a new game mode.

Developer Carry Castle has announced the release of their secret project, the addition of the local multiplayer versus mode. Now, players will be able to play the game online using Steam’s “Remote Play Together” system.

5 maps, modified spells, and modifier settings have been added specifically for this mode, which will be contested in a Death Match which can be played by up to 5 players.

This next update comes from the party-based deckbuilder roguelite Chrono Ark.

Lead developer Hyung-Ju Lee has announced the game’s Final Chapter Update which will contain more content than the previous updates. With more updates comes a longer timetable, so he has announced that the next update will take at least two months to complete.

Aside from the final chapter, the other things listed on their things-to-do include 1 new playable character, 2 new hidden bosses, the Investigator Friendship System, Gamepad support, and a Nintendo Switch port just to name a few.

Patch 0.42 for the platformer roguelite 30XX has been released this week, and a new rival has arrived!

Delta, your rival, will now make his presence felt in your HQ as well as appear out of nowhere at the beginning of a level or even in the middle. When he shows up at level start, Delta will offer you a challenge condition that only applies to that specific level. Finish the level with that condition active, and receive the associated reward!

When Delta shows up in the middle of a stage, his Boast challenge will only apply specifically to his brand new miniboss encounter which is accessed through the teleporter right next to him.

In addition to the Rival Update, new modes named “Rush Job”, and “Seed Racer” will also be added, as well as a complete revamp of the tutorial mode.

Developer Konfa Games has announced the Brawl Mode Online Contest for the tactical auto-battler roguelite Despot’s Game one week before its release to the Nintendo Switch Online and Playstation Store platforms.

The rules are simple: The first 3 players who either have the most victories or have reached the limit of 30 victories first in the game’s Brawl online multiplayer mode will be the winners of an exclusive “Brawl Winner” t-shirt.

3 random contest participants will also be selected, so even if you do not get a lot of wins, you still have a chance to win an exclusive “Brawl Winner” shirt as long as you share screenshots of your result to Konfa Games’ official Discord server. The link is in the description below.

The contest started on September 2nd and will conclude on September 9th at 7 pm Central European Daylight Time.

New mechanics have been introduced to the turn-based RPG roguelite Swords and Sandals Immortals.

The game has all new arena rules, where each arena now has specific rules that govern how gladiators may fight. Everything from not being allowed to bring axe into battle, to spike traps, to tag team battles, this new set of rules will definitely spice up the arena.

In addition, a location has also been added to the game, as well as the usual balance changes and bug fixes.

Our last update is a short one from the sports-based roguelite dungeon crawler Cursed to Golf.

Developer Chuhai Labs has announced that Steam Community Items are now available for the game. These items include 5 Emoticons, 5 Profile Backgrounds, 5 Trading Cards, 5 Level Badges, and a Foil Badge.

Keep in mind though that since these are Steam Community Items, they are only available on the Steam version of the game.

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